• Micropel® provides plant roots with essential nutrients and micronutrients.

  • No other product in the turf industry compares to it for being pH balanced, homogeneous, and available to plant roots.

  • MicroPel® is designed to optimize your plants natural function, and will work effectively in any soil type.

  • If you want to unlock hidden nutrients in your soil that are currently unavailable you need Micropel®.
MicroPel® Formulation®
MicroPel® is formulated with calcite and sulfated forms of micronutrients to provide a homogenous calcium and micronutrient source for enhanced plant growth.

Functions of MicroPel®
Micropel® Enhances ion uptake through the roots, Increases protein, and nitrogen uptake, increases root and plant tip growth and cell wall structure.

Performance of MicroPel®
MicroPel® promotes green plant color, creates a healthier plant root environment, promotes rapid recovery from environment induced stress. Applications increase soil bulk, and density. MicroPel® will allow growers to decreases irrigation requirements. MicroPel® can be applied safely at any time without the risk of burn, speckling, spotting, or streaking. It meets all E.P.A. guidelines and is environmentally friendly. This is the best agronomic method to get the most out of your soil. MicroPel® is your bridge to going green.