MicroPel® FAQ

Product Dispersion in Water


MicroPel® readily disperses when water is introduced. Please remember to demonstrate to customers the dispersion of the product in a glass of water. Professionals typically suggest running irrigation heads for 5-7 minutes, or 2-3 rotations, following applications, when rapid product dispersion is of importance. Running a similar cycle later that night during normal irrigation hours will have a positive effect on full particle dispersion before the next days mowing practices.

Salt Issues

MicroPel® is designed to help a plants feeder root system better manage Sodium conditions that become present in soils. Apply MicroPel® following flushing practices to allow maximum time for product absorption before being flushed away from the plants feeder root system. Flushing interval may be lengthened, or severity of damage from Sodium issues may be reduced, after introducing MicroPel® into an agronomic plan. All elements in MicroPel® are capable of displacing Sodium from the soil colloid.

Nitrogen Reduction on large area soils

Adding MicroPel® applications to an agronomic plan or program can reduce granular Nitrogen inputs. This reduction will be relative to soil type. A sand based soil low in organic matter with a low CEC value will show less of an input change than a soil tighter in nature with a higher CEC value. When MicroPel® applications are introduced into an agronomic plan, a reduction of Nitrogen inputs on soils have been reported. This is a result of MicroPel® ’s formulation, which provides Calcium in a beneficial form. This helps manage nitrate loss and leads to efficient utilization of plant available Nitrogen sources.

Compatibility with Foliar nutrition inputs

MicroPel® will compliment foliar nutrition inputs. Foliar programs generally have a positive effect on a professional turfgrass manager’s agronomic situations. Usually Foliar products are heavily relied on during high heat stress times of the season. Their application ensures that plants receive nutrients regardless of their root system being under stress or shut down completely. Monthly applications of MicroPel® throughout the growing season will keep root systems healthy and functioning optimally during those high stress times. Applications will provide a safe nutrition source for roots and keep root systems active throughout high heat situations. Performance of foliar products will be improved when used in conjunction with MicroPel® .

MicroPel® Research information

MicroPel® 's design is based on well-established scientific principles. It’s a sound nutrition product. It completes the Nutrition requirement of Best Management Practices. Since 2005, professional turfgrass managers report positive growth response and improved plant function following MicroPel® applications.

Tracking or Foot Printing

This situation, commonly experienced on putting greens with other micronutrient products, has not been reported to date. A “dusting” effect might be observed. This dust can be moved around the green surface by foot traffic or other mechanical means. It will be white or grey in nature. The "dusting" effect is usually directly related to the amount of water applied following MicroPel® applications. If the product is not watered-in enough, this “dusting” effect might be a reported issue. It is always short-lived and considered by professional turfgrass managers to be a non-issue.

Speckling or Spotting

Speckling usually occurs with granular products that are high in soluble Iron. It can also be caused by products that have micronutrient packages that are sprayed on, or by other means applied to, a NPK pellet source. The MicroPel® formulation is unique and homogeneous. Applications have been made in many different climates, temperature extremes, and moisture level situations. No problems with spotting or speckling have been observed or reported by professional turfgrass managers to date.

Burn Potential

Applications have been made at numerous rates in high heat situations on a variety of putting green surfaces. There simply is nothing in this product that can cause a burn effect of any kind. No burn potential has been observed or reported by professional turfgrass managers to date.